• Significant reduction in electrical costs.
  • Reduced facility maintenance and labor costs.
  • Lowered operating costs increase bottom-line profitability.

Quality Control

  • Our energy efficient lighting upgrades meet or exceed all code requirements.
  • Our in-house, highly experienced Project Management team ensures that your project is properly monitored to insure a timely and professional installation.
  • Our teams of skilled, in-house technicians assure quality installations and clean-ups, resulting in minimum workplace disruption.

Financing and Rebates

  • We offer an array of financial options to assist in offsetting upfront capital investment.
  • We coordinate and administer all rebate and incentive programs, ensuring maximum entitled amount to lower project costs.

Workplace and Environment

  • An energy-efficient lighting system is a big step towards going green!
  • Your facility and its employees benefit from improved lighting quality, energy efficiency, visual comfort and safety, leading to improved productivity.
  • Emission of harmful air pollutants that result from power plant energy production is dramatically reduced when your facility’s energy usage is reduced.


  • Before project completion, we deliver extra product to the job site for lighting system maintenance.
  • We include extended product warranties on every project.
  • Need more warranty material?  We’re just a quick call or email away for the entire warranty period.
  • Something needs attention during or after project completion?  That’s where we shine!  Just let us know, and we’ll take care of it promptly and efficiently.